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Croc Stock & Barra
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Croc Stock & Barra

180,000 WIWO
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About this opportunity

Croc Stock & Barra is an online business specialising in quality handcrafted Australian-made Crocodile, Buffalo and Barramundi leather products. Originating in Darwin some 13 years ago it’s a business that can be operated from anywhere in the world, currently from Magnetic Island. The business is a unique opportunity being an online retailer that has organically maintained the number 1 spot on google search for the last 10 years. This will be a highly sought after opportunity for many Australians looking for a healthy work/life balance.


Business Story

Croc Stock and Barra, specialises in crafting premium Australian-made leather products from crocodile skins, buffalo leather, and barramundi product which are sourced through environmentally responsibly farmed suppliers. From there they are shipped directly to craftsman who make the products as required for sale online.

The business utilises Shopify, the proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Shopify takes care of everything from marketing and payments to secure transactions and shipping, it also offers all manner of reporting information on every aspect of each and every transaction as well as overall reporting on website performance.

The business's online presence enables it to reach a national and international audience, providing a broader platform for showcasing its unique products. The combination of a well-designed website, strong social media presence, and a loyal customer base, both local and from across the world, positions Croc Stock and Barra as an excellent opportunity that can be run from anywhere in the world.

Although this opportunity can maintain a great lifestyle online, there are proven growth opportunities as a younger more motivated current owner of this business previously participated in pop up stores in shopping centres in the lead up to Christmas which generated $300,000 in turnover alone but further to that the Royal Easter Show and many other landmark events all over the country so the business can offer an unbelievable lifestyle to the right person. The business's focus on delivering high-quality, handcrafted items has not only contributed to its profitability but has also created an excellent reputation for itself when appearing at local events.

 After the business becomes yours, the current owner will gladly give you tuition to ensure you are accustomed to running the business when the time comes. The tuition will run you through everything you need to know behind the scenes and allow the business run optimally for your takeover. 

The current owners of this business want to focus on their other business and want to pass Croc Stock and Barra to continue their successful ecommerce venture. If you want to own this business, give us a call today!  

Why should you consider this opportunity?
  • Established for 13 years
  • Not Complicated and easily run
  • Great website
  • Organically maintained number 1 spot on Google for the last decade
  • Online business with Shopify retail point-of-sale system
  • Price includes $180k in stock on hand
  • Unique high-quality product
  • International and Australian customer base
  • Responsibly sourced product
  • Master craftsman
  • Direct shipping
  • Growth potential
  • Opportunities pop up stores and local events with huge yields
  • Strong social media presence with over 3,500 likes on Facebook
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