Depending on whether you want to buy, grow, value or sell your business, the first meeting is free.  We can meet at your convenience and at any location you choose in the North Queensland Region, either face to face or via phone or Skype. We give you this option to maintain maximum confidentiality. We will review the following topice during our initial meeting:

  • introduce you to the NQ Business Consultants system
  • review your key objectives
  • summarize the business transfer process
  • discuss the importance of a business appraisal to derive market value
  • discuss how we will package your business to present to prospective buyers
  • review how we list your business on our local and national networks
  • review our confidentially process, policy and fees
  • discuss the buyer screening process
  • review our role as your agent and our agency guidelines
  • address any other issues or concerns

There is absolutely no obligation to using our service. We simply present our business process and determine if we are the right people to represent your interests and how ready, attractive and profitable your business will be to a buyer. If you prefer to wait a season, we can schedule a follow up call. If you prefer to move quickly, we can offer you priority status with personalised attention.

Before you consider selling your business, here are some questions you need to address:

  • what am I selling, and what price do I sell for?
  • how do I determine the value of my business assets, market and goodwill?
  • what information do I need to provide to a buyer and how should it be presented?
  • what steps do I take to properly present my business for sale?
  • where do I list the business for sale to get maximum exposure without jeopardizing my employees or competitive position?
  • how do I find, qualify and screen buyers?
  • when will I need a solicitor, accountant, or other outside professional?
  • how will I continue to manage the business while the business is listed for sale?
  • how do I keep the business sale confidential?

These are all highly critical factors and failing to properly and professionally manage the sale of your business can be costly. Using a fully licenced and accredited professional business brokers and advisors like NQ Business Sales will give you peace of mind, and allow you to focus on operating your business to avoid any disruptions.

Your decision to sell must be kept confidential to protect you and the buyer. That last thing you need is unwanted publicity.

Our Policy at NQ Business Sales is to keep everything completely neutral. When we meet, we announce our presence as business consultants. Our communications are kept strictly confidential and unless you give us written consent to do so, we never list the name or address location of the business or disclose the business name to prospective buyers. Everything is maintained under the strictest confidentiality guidelines. No exceptions.

Do you have a question not listed here?

Denny our registered business broker is the one to ask! Ask us anything and we will respond within 24 hours.